Celery integration problem

I am trying to use Celery with one of my Django projects.

My setup is a remote-debugger set-up using virtualenv.
I have installed Celery using pip in my virtualenv and then followed this guide from the Celery docs: http://celery.readthedocs.org/en/latest/django/first-steps-with-django.html

If i start the development server directly on the remote machine, everything works great.
The problem is when i start a remote debugging session with PyCharm, i get the following error:

ImportError: Could not import settings 'thrace.settings_dev' (Is it on sys.path? Is there an import error in the settings file?): cannot import name Celery

I don't know what to do since it works correctly when working directly on the remote machine.
This looks like a PyCharm configuration error.

Has anyone had this problem before? And if so, how did you manage to solve it?

I am using Django v1.6.2, Celery v.3.1.13 with python 2.7.3 (default on debian 7).



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