Special characters stop working


I've been using pycharm without any issues on MacOSX for a few months. After formating my macbook and installing Ubuntu 14.04, I started to note that sometimes my special characters stop working on pycharm window, and to make it work again, I have to switch to any other window (terminal, firefox, gedit,...) and type a few special characters, then if I go back to pycharm, most of the times the issue seen to be gone. If not, them I repeat the process until the issue disappears.

My settings are:

Ubuntu (Unity) 14.04 64bits
Language: pt_BR
Keyboard: (Standard US, us - international configured)

the special characters that stops working are (at least the ones that I noticed): ' " ^ ~(and its combinations as í é ç ^ ~)

Please note that those characters are result of combination of keypress, even for single quote:

<space> + ' = '
<space> + " = "

Any ideas or suggestions?
Thank you!
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I have a feeling this isn't an issue with PyCharm specifically. Which international keyboard layout are you using, dead key or AltGr?  This sounds like dead key behavior, maybe try switching to AltGr style.  I don't currently have access to my Ubuntu install but when I get home later today I'll check.

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I have the same issue. I am  using US-intl keyboard. Tried switching from openjdk to oracle jdk. No difference.
Indeed the special characters will work again after changing to another window and typing them there.
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Hello. The same problem appears to me.

I work with ubuntu 16 and PyCharm. One week to another special caracters stop working.

They still fine in the other editors.

I have try to compare encoding settings with the other machine that is working fine -- everything seems to match. 


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