PyCharm + Git problem: "no existing author found with ..."


i tried to use git within PyCharm and used "VCS - Import into Version Control - Create Git Repository" to setup git within my project.

After adding some files, each trial of commiting these changes result in the following error:
"Error: fatal: No existing author found with 'MYNAME' during executing git commit ...

The name used for this commit is the same name, already set in git (git config –global "MYNAME")

Any ideas?

PS: I'm using Win7 and "Git for Windows" (aka msysgit)
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Anyone answering questions here from JetBrains?

I am currently evaluating PyCharm 5.0.4.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Love and peace,


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I would also like to have an answer.

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I was just having the same problem and found the solution in this post: 

when the user variable is set, you only need to specify a specific author, when it differs from the one, defined in the git config.

Committing with the author's field left empty works with no problems :-) 

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elnecsario, thanks for the advice. worked perfectly. Just left field blank and problem solved.


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