Pycharm won't read files in mapped drive

Been using PyCharm for over a year now.  Win7 64-bit.  I know it's not the preferred method, but for various product-related reasons I've been checking out my code on a linux server, mapping that directory to a drive letter on my windows box, and point PyCharm at that drive as the project root.  It's been working great, with only the occasional hiccup.

Until yesterday, that is.  Suddenly, PyCharm refuses to actually see any files in the mapped drive (R:).  It sees the drive letter, but no files in it.  If I drag-n-drop a file from windows explorer into PyCharm, it'll open the file with no problem.  But neither File | Open nor the Project Structure dialogs will show any subdirectories under the mapped drive.

If I go into Project Structure, click on R:, and then make a new directory, it works.  The directory gets created as expected, and PyCharm even shows the new directory under the R: drive in the file tree - but only that directory.  And, if I resync the directory, it goes away.

Any ideas?  It's almost like a caching or timeout issue.  Windows Explorer and Slickedit both work fine, so I don't believe it's a Windows issue.

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