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I’ve recently purchased PyCharm Professional Edition 3.4 (Build #PY-135.1057, built on June 10, 2014)for the Mac.  I’ve marked as “Sources” in the “Project Structure” Dialog and yet keywords in my source path e.g. StorTestBase show “Unresolved reference”.  Please see attached screen shots.

How can I resolve these references in my project?  

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Your screenshots are not visible. You should edit your post text to include the screenshots with wiki markup like: !file1.png!

Without having seen your screenshots, I would guess that you may have the wrong folder marked as Source Folder in the Project Structure.  If all your code is in a package named 'foo', then the parent folder of foo should be marked as source.  If that's the same as the project root then you don't need to mark it. (But you might need to exclude other non-code folders.)

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