Bandwidth calculation & Plotting graph

I wanted to do bandwidth calculation and also plotting graph using IPython Notebook but i faced some error. In my csv file contain frame.number, frame.time, eth.src, eth.dst, ip.src, ip.dst, ip.proto,, tcp.seq, tcp.ack, tcp.window_size and tcp.len. My location of csv file is "C:\Users\ASHWIN\Desktop\tempo\New folder\Test3_pcap.csv"

I'm following reference as in this link;

From that link to calculate bandwidth we need to use pcap file as refer to that link. I wanted to do plotting and also calculation using csv file. This is the command used in IPython Notebook using pcap file

1. framelen=read_pcap("nitroba.pcap", ["frame.len"], timeseries=True)

2. bytes_per_second=framelen.resample("S", how="sum")
3. bytes_per_second.head()
4. bytes_per_second.plot()

How to do bandwidth calculation and plotting graph using csv file by altering the command at top as i already import some library in IPython Notebook which is in below;

from pandas import DataFrame, read_csv
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import pandas as pd
import sys
%matplotlib inline

Can anyone help and solve for me this script?

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