Getting started with South on PyCharm4/Win7


I want to begin to use South with Win7/PyCharm 4.0. I have South installed in my virtualenv and have added it to the INSTALLED_APPS list.

The South options are showing up in the menu. However, there is no way that I can specify the app to run against or the flags to use.

Eg: I want to run: schemamigration appname –initial

but all I can run is: schemamigration

Anyone got any pointers how to get this going?
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As the lead developer of PyCharm, I can tell you that we don't usually hide features in random places, and there are a few reliable ways to discover most of them. Try Ctrl-clicking on everything.
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Hi, and thanks for the reply!

Ctrl-clicking on the popup menu didn't help, but some digging in the django docs indicates that database migration tools (which is what South provides) are now in v1.7. I'm using v1.6 from an installation a while back while I get my app fleshed out. I'll roll forward to v1.7 at some point and should be able to use the migration tools built into django, rather than 3rd party apps.

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