What is the new support in v4 for IPython ?

I've been trying to check-out what are the new features of Pycharm 4, regarding IPython support and have not been very successful checking them out. To have a reference I'm trying to have a similar environment to R Studio...

I see that :
1) I can open .pynb files and edit in place. Nice, but not my thing (I mean that I like REPL-style more than boxes). Actually, how can I create a .pynb file from IDE ? It always ends up as X.pynb.py...
2) From console I can now with last fix load matplotlib and launch chart viewer (outside PyCharm). Can you tell me if it is possible to have inline chart view just as the Qt client ?
3) Is the only way to use the array viewer through debugging ? Can't I "inspect" objects created in console ?

Thanks in advance,

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