Pycharm not displaying image in development server.

I have a simple Django - Google App Engine app with one html file. In the html there is a link to an image.  

When I run the local development server, the image does not show up - it shows the alt text.  I decided to give up and upload the app to GAE as is, but, remarkably, the image does show up on the hosted appspot URL.

I have tried a variety of tags, etc. This is the one that is working on the GAE host:

<img src = "/static/JOS-Logo-12.5.14.png" alt="xxx" style = "width:432px; height:111px">

What is going on? Why isn't my image showing up locally?

Path issue.   Try something like:

<img src="{%static "images/yourimage.jpg" %}"
Since the latest release of the Google App Engine Python SDK, it's possible to use modules. I have a Python application with a default module and another module. To start the module in the development server.

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