debug unittest via symlink

I have a python project located on another (linux) partition. In my homedir I have a symlink to the location where the project files are.
When I debug a function, the debugger does not step into the file I have the breakpoint in, but in another instance of that file (yellow tab). The location of the first file is in my homedir, the location (reference) of the debugged file is the real location.
Example: /home/chris/IdeaProjects2/python/docker_api/tests/ vs. /media/home_12/chris/IdeaProjects/python/docker_api/tests/

This would not be a problem, but when I add code in the editor and start to debug, the file the debugger steps into, is not up to date, so the added code is missing.

I guess I do something wrong, but I cannot figure out what. I removed .pyc files before debugging, but that did not help.

I use IntelliJ 14.0.2 and Python plugin 4.0 Beta 140.58.

Any suggestions?

Addition: I just discovered that the 'yellow-tab' file is updated with the changed code when I change to another application and back.

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