How to remove broken interpreter setup in PyCharm 4.0.3


I've run into an annoying bug in PyCharm. I tried to add the same interpreter twice, with the intention to have them use different PYTHONPATH's. But when I added the second instance, this got the same name with a "(1)" after, and when added extra paths to this one it could not be saved - or rather I got no errors when saving, but the paths was not stored.
This seems like a bug itself. Then I tried to remove the "(1)" interpreter, and both was removed at once.

My real problem is now that when I remove all interpreters - even restart - and the first interpreter is added the "(1)" is automatically added as well... And I can't add anything to the paths, as it is still not stored.

Somewhere PyCharm is storing and reusing the broken setup - but where?
Does anyone have an idea how to clean up?


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