How do I keep auto-closing braces without PyCharm ever eating my input

Under Editor -> General -> Smart Keys, there's this preference called 'Insert pair bracket', which provides a closing brace character if there isn't one already whenever I press an open brace character on my keyboard. That's to say when I press '(', PyCharm adds a ')' automatically next to my caret to match.
I really love that feature, but what I don't like is how PyCharm ignores my input whenever on occasion I decide to start with a closing bracket and my caret happens to be next to the same character that I'm to press. I lose my place often when I think I did insert a character, but PyCharm ate my input instead. It's very annoying.
Is there anyway to keep the feature, but never let PyCharm ignore my inputs like that? Turning off 'Insert pair bracket' is not what I want.

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