javascript features in PyCharm. Can I get javascipt refactoring and code completion?

I've been happily using PyCharm Pro to run and debug my Django project. I've found that some code assistance for javascript is missing from PyCharm. I'd rather avoid using both PyCharm and WebStorm if possible.

The project's front end is written in coffeescript and uses Browserify to bundle the modules.
Here are a few examples for features available in WebStorm that I'd like to see in PyCharm, for javascript:
  1. Refactor file -> Rename: Doesn't update `require` references in other files.
  2. Find usages (of function): Doesn't find usages outside of the current file.
  3. Code completion (ctrl+click after variable name): Doesn't suggest members.

Can these features be added to PyCharm by a plugin? If so, which?

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