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Hello to all , first I would like to say that I do not speak in English then I apologize already provided by misspellings , well I 'm learning to program with python in PyCharm suddenly when I was running my program appeared the following error:
  Error running Unnamed : Can not run program " C: \ Python34 \ python.exe " (in directory " C: \ Users \ User \ PycharmProjects \ untitled" ) : CreateProcess error = 740, The requested operation requires elevation

So if someone can help me thank you now.
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I see that this post if over four years old, but in the event this will help someone else, I received a somewhat similar error message in CLion (for Windows).

It occurred upon debugging the default "Hello World" C++ program after I (unsuccessfully) attempted to modify the CMakeLists.txt file to add the SFML (graphics) library.

I closed the application and then re-launched it, but this time as an administrator (by right-clicking on the CLion icon and selecting that option).  The error message (in the form of a balloon at the bottom of the screen) did not appear after that.  I hope this helps someone else.

(I posted this same reply in another similar thread.)


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