3.x debugger ability lost in 4.x?

One of my favourite features of PyCharm prior to 4.x was the ability to use breakpoints in code from inside the test runner. Actually not many other Python environments could do this. In PyCharm 3.4.1 if I run a unit test in debug mode, I can open a Python prompt after a breakpoint is reached, allowing exploration of the current state. In PyCharm 4.0.4 the debugger has changed and I can't do this anymore. More accurately, I CAN get a Python prompt by going to the Console tab and clicking on "Show Python Prompt" or by going to "Tools|Open Debug Command Line", but in response to typing anything all I get is another input prompt. It is like stdout is being redirected or swallowed. Is the old ability still there and just disabled by default or is this a bug?

gruben - Windows 7-64bit Enterprise with PyCharm CE 3.4.1, PyCharm CE 4.0.4
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I just created a bug report for this in the bug tracker here.

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