How to install pycrypto in a Windows Vista64 virualenv created with PyCharm 4

I created a virtualenv with PyCharm 4 on a Windows Vista 64 machine.  I'm new to this type of setup on Windows.

On Ubuntu I would just type source bin/activate.  I tried that and it doesn't work.

I am having trouble:

- Activating the PyCharm created VirtualEnv on Windows
- Installing the [Python 2.7 64-bit version of Pycrypto][1] in the VirtualEnv only.
- I also want to install psycopg2 after this, but I'm guessing that once this is explained for pycrypto I can do the same steps.


I've also create a stackoverflow question:
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I found the answer:

1. Navigate to the `Scripts` folder inside your virtual environment.
2. Activate the environment by entering `activate.bat`
3. Download the 64bit version of pycrypto [found here][1]
4. Copy the pycrypto `.exe` file to the `Scripts` folder of your virtual environment.
5. Install it by entering: easy_install <name_of_your_pycrypto_install_file>.exe

The answer was found by looking at a psycopg 64 virtualenv install instructions:


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