Feature Request Pycharm - Connect to existing ipython sessions

Just trying out Pycharm and love it.

One thing I'd like to be able to do is be able to connect to an existing ipython notebook session easily.

When open a *.ipynb file it asks where I want to run the ipython server. I tried getting it to run at the default location and I got a "connection refused error".

So I started an ipython notebook server on localhost:8888 and tried running the notebook and voila! it worked.

What would be fanastic is if there was a way to easily specify the address of the ipython session you wanted to connect to. That way you could use pycharm to connect to a remote session you might be running. Would be awesome.

Also a session restart button is a must.

Yes! This please....  Also when connecting to a remote session, should support password protected sessions.  

My use case is a server running at university with data and files all stored locally, but then I run things from home.

A while back I opened an issue about this. Please add support.
Agreed.  I run ipython on a linux VM inside my windows machine and the way pycharm is setup simply doesn't work for me.

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