Debugger: way to add some "clean-up" code to be executed before stopping/detaching?

Hi!  I'm trying to debug code that opens up a database connection and, for now, frequently raises an exception before getting to the code that closes the connection.  Thus, when I restart the code, I can't reconnect, until the connection times out.  I've realized that I can put the code in a try block that catches exceptions and closes the DB before exiting, and I also figured out that if I've broken in the debugger and want to detach, I can dig down to the DB connection object and issue its terminate method, but is there a way I can automate this so that such a disconnect is automatically tried for me whenever I select Stop under the Run menu?  Thanks!
I think this might be something that is currently lacking.  Currently when you stop the debugger it sends SIGKILL.
Is this a feature request that would be welcomed?
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There's a ticket in the Jetbrain issue tracker:

I suppose you could star the issue and/or comment there. I would also welcome a fix.
Sorry, I should have clicked on the links you provided.  Anyway, I added a comment "+2" (for you and myself) to the Issue.  Thanks for not leaving me hanging. :-)

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