PyCharm FTP client: Not converting line endings from CRLF (Windows) to LF (Linux)

Hi:  I'm using PyCharm on a Windows system, where .py ASCII files have CRLF line endings.  Then I push the files to a Linux deployment server, where ASCII files are supposed to have LF line endings.  Because the files are ASCII, the PyCharm FTP client is supposed to convert from the Windows CRLF line endings to LF line endings for Linux: This is what every other FTP client does when in ASCII mode.  However, PyCharm instead retains the CRLF line endings, as if it's operating in binary mode.

Is there a way to get the PyCharm FTP client to operate correctly, and translate line endings when uploading .py files?  I want to keep the CRLF line endings on Windows, and I want LF line endings on Linux.

  • Scott

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