breakpoints stopped working - but only when running unit tests


Suddenly as of this morning, when running Django Unit Tests in debug mode, my breakpoints are no longer triggered.  (Even very obvious ones, like putting a break in the config module)

Strangely, those breakpoints (aside from the ones in tests themselves) are actually triggered if I just run in debug - Django Server mode.

I've attempted recreating the config as well as recreating the project, and I still run into the problem.  Inside view breakpoints, everything is enabled.

This was working until sometime this morning, then magically just stopped.  Not sure if test code itself could actually break this, that would be weird...

My debugger does appear to be actually attached - I can pause it at arbitrary times through execution of the tests and get all the standard debugging tools.  

Does anyone have any ideas on anything else to try?  

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Okay, this is really weird, but enabling the auto profiler in Django-devserver causes this to break when running unit tests.  Not sure why it still works in server mode.

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