Settings lost after upgrade from PyCharm 4 to PyCharm 4.5


Sequence of events:
1. I downloaded and unpacked PyCharm 4.5 to /home/piotr/apps/pycharm-4.5 (my current version is at /home/piotr/apps/pycharm-4).
2. I run PyCharm 4.5 and noticed run/debug configurations are missing.
3. I closed PyCharm 4.5, opened PyCharm 4, exported settings, closed PyCharm 4, opened PyCharm 4.5 and imported settings. After restart of PyCharm 4.5 run/debug configurations are back but the font size in the editor is different than what I had set in PyCharm 4.

It seems both versions use the same folder for settings – /home/piotr/.PyCharm40

Am I doing something wrong?

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