Remote Debugger for MODO

Hi guys, finally decided to use PyCharm as my primary Python IDE to develop and learn to write a script for The Foundry MODO.

There is a thread and instruction on how to connect PyCharm to MODO to debug a python script described on this thread (with a nice video tutorial), but somehow I couldn't get it to work as expected.

The error that I got from MODO when trying to import pydevd:

pydev debugger: CRITICAL WARNING: This version of python seems to be incorrectly compiled (internal generated filenames are not absolute)
pydev debugger: The debugger may still function, but it will work slower and may miss breakpoints.
pydev debugger: Related bug:

...does anyone know what it means?

Win7 using latest version of MODO and PyCharm, with Python 2.7.10 64-bit installed.
And here is additional thread where I posted my question as well.

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