Remote Develpment: Pycharm on Win, Project on Compute Engine Ubuntu

How can I set up Pycharm to edit and debug projects on a remote machine.

I am programming for AppEngine. My local machine is Win7 with Pycharm. The remote machine is a Compute Engine instance with Ubuntu.

I wish to keep the entire project on the remote machine. I neither need nor want to get into Vagrant and all that. Only editing and debugging of project files should be done through my local Pycharm connected to remote machine using SSH.

Please advise if such a setup is possible.
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I'm also trying to do this. But just Google Compute Engine (no app at this point). Windows 10, but I'm trying ubuntu and debian and google container engines as well. Nothing seems to connect to pycharm console properly. I get this error message:

Couldn't connect to console process.
Process finished with exit code -1


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