Ignoring / Excluding a folder not working?

Hi all - so, I have a project sub-folder that for various reasons I need EXCLUDED from code inspection / discovery / code completion / etc.  (Instead, I need some stub files I've generated and added to the path to be used.)  However, no matter what I do, the folder always seems to be found and used for code inspection.

I've tried both removing the folder from the list of python paths for the configured interpreter, and marking it as an excluded folder in the project structure - but neither seems to make a difference.  It always seems to find the excluded folder, and use it for code inspection, and not the stub files I've added to the interpreter python path.

Should this work? Is this just a bug? Is there some other workaround I could try?


- Paul

PS - It may be worth noting that the subfolder I'm trying to exclude is itself the root of a pycharm project (ie, has a .idea folder in it).  Not sure if / why that would make a difference, but in case it does.... And no, that project isn't open in the window I'm using to interact with the parent project (though it was at one point).  I've tried invalidating the caches and restarting several times since then, though...

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