Visually detecting when new lines are output to the console...

Is there anything I can do to make it easier to detect when new text appears in a PyCharm console window? I have a long-running task in a console which outputs the same text repeatedly. I don't care about the text itself, but it's important to me to know when new text has appeared.

Trying to imagine things that might help, are any of these things possible?
  • Expire text in the console after some period of time
  • Automatically clear the console on some regular interval
  • Show line numbers in the console (so I can at least see them moving)
  • Something else?

Why do I care about this?

I run "grunt watch" in PyCharm to monitor files in my IDE and run some automated tasks like browserify. When I'm working on web client code, this means a common workflow is:
1. Change a source file.
2. Wait for the console output to tell me that grunt has run.
3. Refresh my browser window to pick up the changes.

The problem I have is that once grunt has run a bunch of times, it's hard to visually detect when the console text actually changes. I just see a continuous stream of the same couple lines of output.


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