Disable inline debugger

Is there any way of disabling the inline debugger? When a breakpoint is hit in PyQt portions of our code, the inline debugger tries to read symbols and our app crashes. Our app works fine if breakpoint is not in a PyQt object, or without debug. In pycharm 4.0 there was no inline debugger so hitting a breakpoint in our PyQt object code was not a problem, we would use Evaluate for expressions and avoid expanding "self" in the Variables window. Now with the inline debugger PyCharm seems to have to query "self" automatically, which causes the crash.  

Any way of disabling the inline debugger for pre-4.5 behavior would be much appreciated.
Hi Oliver! In the Debugger Pane press Settings button and in the menu appeared disable "Show Values in Editor". You can learn more about Inline debugging here: https://www.jetbrains.com/pycharm/help/inline-debugging.html
Exactly what I was looking for, thanks!

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