remote debugging - is there an easier way?

Hi there

I normally run remote interpreter from a Raspberry Pi with Deployment server set up, which allows me to work on my local machine, have file changes synced to the Pi, and execute the script on the Pi.

Today, I tried setting up the remote debugging on the Pi, and managed to get it going with the "Python Debug Server" method (method 2) from this link:

I was hoping to have an easier time setting up the debugging using just the method "Remote debug with a remote interpreter" (method 1 from link above).

Yet when I try to "Debug" using a config set up with a Python interpret (not a "Python Remote Debug"), I get the error:

"Can't run remote python interpreter: Couldn't obtain remote socket from out ('', 55480)"

Has anyone been able to get remote debugging working without having to follow the lengthy method of setting up a "Python Remote Debugger" and copying across the egg to the Remote machine?

Is it even possible?


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