? Alt-B and Alt-D not working in emacs keymap ?

Mac OSX yosemite, PyCharm CE 4.5.3, emacs key bindings
(command-, / Preferences; Keymap; Emacs)
I check the key bindings on the right hand side, the spyglass with cannonballs right next to the trash can says "Find Actions by Shortcut" on hover, I click that, enter "Alt-B" and it finds "Move Caret to Previous Word."  However, when I go back to the editor window and press "Alt-B" I get something that looks like a tiny integral sign (it won't paste, here; it's some Unicode glyph.  Likewise, when I search keymap for Alt-D, I get "Kill to End of Word" (just what I want), but in the editor window, it prints as the curly derivative sign d.  Would anyone be so kind as to help me figure out how to fix this?

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