How do I save window layouts for different resolutions/screens?

I work in three configurations:

1. Laptop using Two Screens (home office)
2. Laptop using Three Screens (work office)
3. Laptop only laptop screen (anywhere else)

At work/home I'd like to use a second screen to get some breathing room with tool windows and maybe another code window or two.

The closest I've to this setting is "Window->store current layout as default".
"Edit->Quick Switch Scheme" seems like the sort of place you would define multiple variations.

Is there a way to just save a list of custom layouts? Similar to how you can create/save themes?
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I need this as well, please!

It's always a hassle when switching from a three-screen environment to one-screen.

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I use a macbook pro 13'' and a 2560px by 1080px monitor


It will be a nice feature !!!!!


I guess it can be applicable to PHPSTORM


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Agreed; a much needed feature for making workspace switches not so torturous anymore.


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