How do I save window layouts for different resolutions/screens?

I work in three configurations:

1. Laptop using Two Screens (home office)
2. Laptop using Three Screens (work office)
3. Laptop only laptop screen (anywhere else)

At work/home I'd like to use a second screen to get some breathing room with tool windows and maybe another code window or two.

The closest I've to this setting is "Window->store current layout as default".
"Edit->Quick Switch Scheme" seems like the sort of place you would define multiple variations.

Is there a way to just save a list of custom layouts? Similar to how you can create/save themes?

I need this as well, please!

It's always a hassle when switching from a three-screen environment to one-screen.


I use a macbook pro 13'' and a 2560px by 1080px monitor


It will be a nice feature !!!!!


I guess it can be applicable to PHPSTORM



Agreed; a much needed feature for making workspace switches not so torturous anymore.


Be able to quick change window layout, even in same screen dimension / resolution, would be very useful



In my case, I have an ultrawide monitors at home and work office and then I simetimes use laptop on the go.

Few gripes I have with current layout system:

When going from normal laptop monitor to ultrawide monitor, suddenly all tool windows take up like over a half of my screen. I would really prefer if the tool window sizes were not treated as proportional to the overall available space, but rather as absolute width/height in display character sizes (i.e. measured by the UI font size units according to current screen display ).

When working on an ultrawide monitor (3440x1440), I like to arrange my editor windows horizontally in three or four editor groups. This layout simply breaks down onmy built in 13'' macbook M1 Retina screen resolution (2560x1600) as all the editor groups are just too narrow to be of any use at all.

I keep wishing that Intellij was smart enough to "collapse" those groups under a single tab stack while opened in a smaller (narrower) screens, expanding those groups when opened again on a wider screen that fits them side-by-side.

I really don't want to be managing those layouts (conciously) and switching layouts manually. Simple and predictable is the best.


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