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When I use the python console (which automatically uses ipython if used in my virtualenv).  It doesn't seem to have any form of tab completion - not even the default ipython tab completion.

e.g. if I do
c = 'string'

(after typing the . the console will show available string methods (in the style of the pycharm ide). However after typing anything after the dot e.g.


tab completion doesn't work not the python tab completion or even better the tab completion available in the pycharm editor.  

Are either of these supported in pycharm(4.5)?
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Hi yunti,
I have a question for u. Since u r using ipython console in pycharm, do u know how to tell whether the program is still running?
I mean if we use plain console and run a program, the console will be frozen until the work is done. But Ipython console seems return immediately. How could u tell whether the program is finished?

Many thanks!
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Sorry, not really sure what you mean. Probably best to open a separate thread to make it easier for the moderators.

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