PyCharm 5.0.1 & Anaconda3 2.4.0 - Packages show in PI but can' timpor

I'm using the latest release version of PyCharm Community 5.0.1 and Anaconda3 2.4.0 on a freshly installed Windows 7 x64 machine.  I'm unable to pip anything as the corporate firewall blocks me and so Anaconda is my only real choice.

In any case, the Project Interpreter shows all of the packages that Anaconda3 has available and I'm able to use them successfully (Selenium and others).  However, one of them is PyCrypto and it says it is installed as shown here:


But, when I try to import it I get an error that says: "No module named pycrypto". =(

Any thoughts to why it would show up in the PI list but not be importable?

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