Running individual tests remotely doesn't execute py.test script


I have the following setup:
  • a remote machine with everything, which I'd like to code, debug, and test against
  • a locally-synced folder of the code
  • working run / debug / run-all-tests configurations (using py.test)

When I run all the tests, this kind of command is executed, which appears correct:
ssh://<remote machine>/<remote path>/env/bin/python -u /<remote path>/.pycharm_helpers/pycharm/ -p pytest_teamcity <remote test folder>

After changing my "Python integrated tools" "default test runner" to py.test, when I right-click on e.g. "def test_something_or_other(self):` and run the test, a clearly-incorrect command is executed:
ssh://<remote machine>/<remote path>/env/bin/python -u <full path to LOCAL file>

It appears that both 1) my local/remote mapping rules are not being used (including when I currently have the "run test" configuration selected), and 2) it isn't even trying to run the tests in py.test, it just executes the file directly.

Am I missing a configuration option somewhere, to control how individual tests are run?  Full test suite runs can take 30 minutes or more, doing so all the time really isn't an option.

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