How to install on Linux Mint?

How do I install Pycharm on Linux?

I am running Linux Mint 17.2 Rafaela Cinnamon.

I am also a noob at installing software on Linux.

I can install software from the official software repositories (as anyone can) and have some experience using the terminal; but I often have problems when attempting to install third party packages.
On that note, why is Pycharm not available from the software manager? As I understand, rule 101 by Linux pros for newbies is to only ever install software from the official repository.
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Sigh Why do I always sign up to abandoned forums?

Seriously though there have been only 3 views. 4 of those are probably from me.

Any help?
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Which part(s) of the installation instructions is(are) not clear to you?
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How did I not find that??
lol thanks. Though I really think the package should have a README file and also be available via the official repo. Just to avoid any potential security holes and make uninstallation and updating easier.

Is there some way I can suggest this to the devs?

My reason for asking is I ended up having to reinstall Linux altogether during my last install when uninstalling it wasn't working and got messed up.

My reason for uninstalling was at first, there was a project on the left hand side which wasn't going away. I couldn't hide or remove it. I ended up having to manually delete it from the file manager, but then the folder kept reappearing. So I resorted to reinstalling. It didn't uninstall correctly. I deleted the extracted folder and redownloaded the package. After running the new file, the program had my same settings. Would have been great if it wasn't for the fact that I could no longer run my programs anymore. There were some other vital settings which also weren't working. Hence I resorted to completely reinstalling Linux.

**Installation was a bit odd/weird**
I thought that the program did not install when I first tried to install because the program did not show up in the Gdebi package installer and I was unable to run the program via the terminal command "pycharm". I was under the impression all files including configuration and setting files were saved in the extracted folder. However after deleting it and redownloading and rerunning the .sh file, the program had the same config settings, despite by being unable to find any reference of a program called "pycharm" on my computer. I performed 3 maintenance options under Software Sources >> Maintenance.
I clicked on options "Fix MergeList Problems", "Purge residual configuration" "remove foreign packages".

I am guessing the difficulty I had in correctly uninstalling the software was a result of it being a package not from the official repo?



How can I correctly uninstall Pycharm?

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