PyCharm force focus in debug session

I am trying pycharm 5 professional (5.0.1 build #py-143.595)
Pycharm behaves in a very annoying manner in an active debug session-
After the debug session reaches a break point, I can't explore other files in my project for more than a few seconds, as pycharm forces focus back to the break point (the debug window jumps to focus, the file in scope jumps to focus in the main editor window).
This behavior when 1st the break point is reached, but not after.
Even if main thread stopped in a breakpoint, and afterwards a thread stopped at a break point, I can't explore the thread's breakpoint stack frame and file in scope in the editor for more than a few seconds as the main thread forces focus.
This is a regression from pycahrm 3.4 and 4.
Can anyone advice how to resolve this issue ?
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"This behavior is expected when the break point is reached for the 1st time"

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