"Enter" key stopped working!

This only started happening in Pycharm today.

My "Enter" key no longer works to create line breaks when editing text.

i.e after I type a couple characters, pressing enter does nothing.

I've tried:
  • uninstall ideavim - still the same without ideavim
  • typing in different file types - still the same. "Enter" simply does nothing
  • checking keymap. My "Enter" key is NOT mapped to anything

The only workaround I've found is by using the "o" or "O" characters when in normal mode of ideavim.

Also, when in normal mode of ideavim, "Enter" key will cause the cursor to move down line by line. But it's in normal mode of course, so can't use it to alter text.

Upgraded to the latest EAP (143.1182), still the same behaviour.

Desperately need help.
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never mind, issue fixed.

Apparently, I accidentally removed the setting for "Enter" in the keymap - yes, you have to map "Enter" to "Enter" - it was on by default.

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