Inspect code - not the best experience

Hi all,
recently installed PyCharm community edition 5.0 to see how it compares to Pydev.
Leaving other aspects aside, I had several problems when using Code Inspection.
1. It is slow. It takes hour? two? for analyzing hundreds of files. After finding few thousand issues it starts becoming unresponsive and particular files are analyzed in a minute or so.
2. It can hang analyzing single file.
3. If during analysis I perform operations on results set, chances of hanging increase dramatically.
4. It's too easy to close the results window, especially when ctrl-f4, instead of closing editor window, closes active window (like analyzing task).
5. The results are not cached, so when I have to restart analysis, it starts from scratch.
6. Python files are used to store ignore settings.
7. Exported html with results doesn't work - I see only 3 frames(?) with links, leading to empty pages.

I'm using 32bit version, which utilizes memory fairly well - memory usage jumps from 300 to 500 MB all the time. I have just increased the memory to 750 MB (max), but haven't had a chance to verify the behaviour yet.

The results are impressive and helpful, though. I think I'll just leave the Pycharm open all the time (don't know if XML export works) and walk through the issues.

Is this something which can be improved? Can I provide additional details? (The comments above are of different weight, so could be probably split)
I've tried to look for "inspect hang" in bug tracker, but to no avail.


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