Automatic deployment to several nodes

hi there,

happy new year to everyone!

this is my first posting here. i am kind of an advanced beginner, i am having great fun using pycharm, as it is so smart. ;-)

currently i am working on a project, where i have a bunch of raspberries doing something. one of them is something like a server, the others are somewhat clients. so the number of nodes more or less is not fixed.

for convenience i rely heavily on the automatic deployment of files. as you all know, distributing code manually is pretty much error-prone. the automatic deployment of files works like a charm to the default node. but so far i couldnt figure out, how to do that for more than one server at the same time.

my question is: can one setup more than one node as a default node? if so, how? are there other strategies on how to deal with a distributed system consisting of more than one default destination?

thanks for your help or any ideas.

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Have you tried setting up a primary node that redistributes files?  You could add a configuration file that includes distribution instructions.
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hi randolph,

thank you for your comment.

Have you tried setting up a primary node that redistributes files?

no. and i would like to prevent something like that. i really like how pycharm handles projects: all that belongs to the project is kept in hidden folders or files. there is no dependency to external resources beyond those. in my setup, the project is stored in a folder in my dropbox, and so it is available for editing/coding from all machines i have in use (as it will be synced to all dropbox clients right away). this way i can simply close my notebook at work and continue to edit sourcecode at my iMac at home. just like that. i am afraid an additional redistribution-node would complicate things rather than to simplify.

You could add a configuration file that includes distribution instructions.

hm, what do you mean exactly? is that related to the redistribution-idea from above? or is there any kind of "virtual default server", that makes pycharm do something else (eg run a script) in the background? this sounds promising. can you give more detail?

thank you,
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No, the second comment was related.  My thought was that if your distribution varied from time to time, a configuration file would allow you to define where files went each time.  

It might be possible to write code to distribute your files.  The only advantage I see of having PyCharm do it would be to run and debug remotely.  But that wouldn't work if you had separate nodes involved.  

Maybe someone else has a better answer.

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