Keep getting invalid privatekey


Hi i'm just trying out datagrip and trying to setup a connection I know works through Mysql workbench. However when I add my private key in the ssh tab I keep getting the error "Error: SSH: invalid privatekey: [B@1beab46b" 

I know the private key is good as I ssh to the server via terminal using it and also with Mysql workbench. It's just I've made the change to MariaDB so was looking for an alternative to workbench.




Please attach screenshots with connection settings (General and SSH/SSL tab), screenshots with the error and post idea.log after issue happens. Thanks.


No problem here's the idea.log from today after trying to connect to MariaDB and here's the image with the error. - Thanks for the help


I have access denied error when trying to open log:

>You are not permitted to access the requested URL.

Could you please check that?

Looks like key has format which is not recognized by the SSH library we use. Could you please check that it has compatible format by following these steps: 


ah sorry try this for the log


I'm on OSX so putty isn't going to work for me. I've tried searching openssh for OSX all over but all the methods I could see to create a key are the same as I created my current key.


I guess I could try putty in a windows VM box.


Access to the log is still restricted. 

Please try generating, using this command: . Or converting to ssh2 format:  

`#ssh-keygen -e -f ~/.ssh/ > ~/.ssh/`


Note that only DSA, RSA and ECDSA OpenSSH key types are currently supported: 


That link should work now, I'd accidentally managed to add an extra space to the end.


I'm getting somewhere now. I created a DSA key and now I'm getting an auth fail. I've managed to connect with Sequel pro using the new DSA key so I'm now going to assume it's me putting something in wrong somewhere


Please check SSH/SSL tab for reference.

If problem remains, please add

option in VM Options field in Advanced tab, reproduce the problem and post idea.log and the screenshots of General and SSH/SSL tabs.


It's asking for private key, and you are providing public key


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