Can't paste text from other application

So, I (sometimes?) can't paste text from any other application into CLion, instead it just pastes the last used copy command used inside of CLion. Any way to get it working in the right manner?

EDIT: restarting is fixing this behaviour, and it works for some time. Then it stopps working again until a restart, Weird


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Hi Tim.

Could you please specify which CLion version did you use?
Also please specify which OS did you use.

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Windows 7  64 bit(6.1 Build 7601). CLion Version 1.0.5.

Besides that it is the best C++ IDE (handling wise) I used so far, great job

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I use version 1.2.4, Build: #CL-143.1186 of C-lion
OS: Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601] (Windows 7)

And I feel the same, I am loving this IDE.


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