Recfactorings + find usages don't work


just wanted to inform you that on my large project with heavy template usage refactorings and find usages have become useless since quite a while. Find usages most often takes a while to execute, only to then tell me "no usages found". Recfactoring silently fails, no renaming takes place. I have reset the cache, physically deleted it and all - no change.

BTW, the new corporate design is, urmm, not my taste at all. Doesn't work well on my 2560x1440 monitor either, fonts tiny, logo texts hardly readable, etc. Feels like someone gave the task to his cousin...



Hi Christian.

Could you please send us some example to reproduce your problems? Also please attach a screenshot with fonts.


no I cannot. This is a huge project with dozens of CMakleLists.txt, and I cannot isolate a sample. I also recently discovered that the malfunction does not always apply. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, which of course makes it generally worthless in the end


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