Resolve Context Explanation

Can someone please explain in a detailed manner how the resolve context works (or provide a link to documentation if it exists)? I have searched and can only find small bits of information.  Thus far, I have been changing my build configuration using "Edit Configurations" and haven't used the context drop down on the right side of the lower status bar.  What specifically is this changing and how does it work since it appears to be by file rather than the project?  What specifically do I need to do to ensure that that my targets and built in release or debug and also to ensure they are linked against the release / debug libraries respectively?

This is what I have found so far on the JetBrains website:

Please note that everything else related to, e.g., the (e.g., the type of build, such as Debug or Release) is controlled by CLion.This also implies what, when analyzing your code, you can instruct CLion to use not only CMakeLists.txt but also information from the build configuration by setting the so-called resolve context

Also in the status bar you can find the Resolve Context chooser for switching between the Debug, Release, RelWithDebInfo and MinSizeRel contexts to resolve your code in the IDE with the desired definitions.


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