Error: CMakeLists.txt not found in ...

Hi, I'm new to CLion and was just trying to configure the enviroment to work on an existing C++ project I keep on GitHub.

Before installing CLion I installed MinGW as the site said. When configuring CLion for the first time it warned me that "In order for MinGW make to work properly the path C:\MinGW\syswin\.." must not be in the path variable, I can't remember the exac path stated, but I made sure it wasn't there.

Now that I've cloned the project using CLion tool the proyect files and directories appear in a gray-like font and I get the problem mentioned on the title at the CMake tab. Evidently I need to generate that file but I have no idea how. I've tried reading the guide and searching on Google to know what to do, but I found nothing.

Please, I need a step-by-step guide on what to do next. I can't configure any build or run configurations.


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Hi Federico.

CLion uses a concept of a project and relies on CMake as a build system for it. Could you please specify if your project is CMake-based? You can also provide a link to the repository so I can take a look.


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