Are there keyboard shortcuts to navigate through build errors?

F2 / Shift + F2 navigates through CLion parser detected code errors issues. However I couldn't find a way to navigate through build errors. Is there any? Using F2 / Shift + F2 is not practical for multiple reasons: Doesn't move between files, many parser errrors needs to be ignored due to parser bugs or 'unused' token errors where the unused token will be used in future.


Hi Jeevaka.

The only way to navigate to the errors is from the build log.
Build log navigation is implemented via "Next/Previous Occurrence" action (Navigate -> Next/Previous Error/Warning menu items). If at least one error is present in the output, then warnings are ignored during navigation.
You can find more in the tracker.


Thanks. The menu options worked and found out that my Ctrl+Alt+Up/Down were mapped to desktop workspace navigation shortcuts. Disabling them worked. (Sinde I didn't have multiple workspaces I didn't see any response to the key combinations before.)


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