say hello and ask

I just jumped into the open source world and started with linux ubuntu,
Clion is the first IDE I got in linux,it's different with the previous one I used,VS,in windows.
When I used VS in windows,I can code,compile,build and run and make what I've built an installation package,
however in CLion I cannot find some of those functions.So I want to know if it does integrate those functions or not.
If it does,where can I find them.If it doesn't,how can I have them?
Clion is a cross-platform IDE,why do they say this?how can I develop apps with it for windows,iOS or something like that?


I'm sorry,I still don't know how to make an installer for my project with CLion..
I think it related to the CMake,is that right?I cannot find out the answer


Please see the article: Let me know if you have any questions.


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