How to install other language extensions to CLion?

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My project is using C++, Pythona, and Ruby. When I'm trying to open either .rb or .py in CLion, I'm hitting this warning.

So, I installed IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Edition as well, but I don't know how CLion recognizes these extensions.

I don't necessarily build and debug Python or Ruby codes, but at least, I'd like to have syntax color and some Intelli Sense features.


Hi Carolle.

CLion doesn't have Python or Ruby plugins yet. We have such feature requests in the tracker:
Feel free to comment or upvote.

We have some plans about implementing CLion-based plugin to IntelliJ IDEA and we are going to provide CLion functionality as a plugin to IntelliJ IDEA in the future, but not in the nearest future.

There are some difficult points for the integration CLion as a plugin to IntelliJ IDEA and we need to fully analyse what we can do to solve them.
So it’s a complicated task for us. We appreciate your patience!

FYI, at the bottom of there is a link for "IDE Plugins". If one follows that link and enters "python" in the searchbox, it generates link whose first search result is a python plugin that says it offers PyCharm Pro features. Should this search match be disabled?


Python plugin is occasionnaly apears in the search.We'll check that, since it's not marked as available in CLion if you check the list of products compatible with the plugin.
However, since the repository is mostly 3rd party, even if a plugin is marked as compatible with CLion it doesn't mean 100% sure that it works correctly with it. It depends greatly on the implementation.

So currently Python is not supported in CLion. We are planning to investigate the possibilities of adding it in the next release.


I would be happy to test this plugin and report back here, but it's unclear what to do with the download. I've searched for guidance.


Hi Anastasia (or any JetBrains Community monitor),

Please point me to instructions for installing CLion plugins that are downloaded as a zip.


Sorry for the delay.
Go to Preferences / Settings | Plugin. Select Install plugin from disk option there.


However, Python plugin is not working for CLion as for now. We are planning to investigate the possibilities to fix this in the 1.5 release planned for Spring.


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