How to find a file in Project pane?

Two questions in finding a file *within* a project.

1) In Project pane, is there any way to find/locate a file with a specific file name? It'd be great if there is a small find/filter window in Project pane.

There is a "Navigation bar", but its search limits within a directory. I'd like to quickly search a file within the entire project.

Visual Studio's Solution Explorer has an in-placed find window.

2) How can I quickly find an editor window(tab) among all opened editor windows(tabs)?

"Switcher" (ctrl+tab) gives a list of all opened editor windows, but I'd like to search with a file name using keyboard.

Thank you.

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Hi Carolle.

Sorry for the delay.

1) CLion has built-in intelligent search:
Start typing the item name. As you type, the Search appears over the toolbar showing the entered characters, and the element selection moves to the first item that matches the specified string. The matching part of the string is highlighted.

You can read more about how it works for tool windows in CLion help: The idea is the same.

2) I suppose that we don't have such feature request in the tracker yet. Could the 'Related symbol' action ('Ctrl+Alt+Home' on Windows and Linux, '^+command+↑' on OS X) be useful? If not please feel free to create a feature request in the tracker:


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