Is it possible to stop the console from mirroring my inputs?

When using std in to provide input to my program, after pressing enter the entire line is then repeated, ie:
     Name: <I type "Bob" and press enter>
     Name: Bob

This is very annoying and entirely uneccessary. Am I missing an option to turn this off?

Another question, is there an option to switch focus to the console when it opens automatically? ie. I press shift+f10 to build and run, the console window pops up, but the focus is still in the editor so before I type input I need to click into the console. I would prefer the console to steal focus.

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Hi Niklas.

Do you mean this issue: Feel free to comment or upvote.

As for the problem about focus switching it's not implemented now. Feel free to create a feature request in the tracker:


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