Clion 1.2 hangs while "loading symbols..."

I have a medium sized project and when loading the project, I get beachballed when it goes into Loading Symbols...

The UI becomes unresponsive and after waiting a for a good long while, I have to force quit out of it.

I'm running the latest Clion version as of Nov 6 and I'm running OSX El Capitan.

Please advise.


Hi, Hector.

Please try enabling memory indicator (Preferences | Appearance & Behavior | Appearance | Show memory indicator) and keep an eye on it for some time. If it is close to the limit at the time when you are experiencing the problems, then try to increase the Xmx JVM option according to this guide. If it does not help, please capture a CPU snapshot so we can take a look at what is going on.


this issue has re-surfaced for me on CLion 2022.1 (MacOS); have described it (with supporting screenshots) on YouTrack CPP-2484


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