IDE shows errors in my code, but it compiles fine without any warning


I had this problem with CLion 1.1, and upgraded to CLion 1.2 to see if it was fixed, it was not.

I included two files: My CMakeLists.txt and main.cpp. I also included a screenshot of what I mean by "error"

You need boost 1.58.0 to test this (feel free to change the version in the CMake file, just make sure you have access to the filesystem boost library).

Here are the errors that the IDE shows me (the code compiles fine without warnings in the IDE or manually in the command line with both g++ 5.2.0 or clang++-3.7):

Line 9 in main.cpp: BInary operator '+' can't be applied to the expressions of type 'std::string' and 'const char[16]'

Line 13 in main.cpp: boost::filesystem::directory_iterator is not a valid range type

Is there anything I can do on my end to solve this ?


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Hi Jason.

Thank you for the details. It seems to be related with the following issue: Feel free to comment or upvote.


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